Our Mission & Vision

What we offer

SEA:ME is a pioneering learning program and community where students can explore the world of coding for mobility free of charge. Our aim is to shape the future of mobility through software and enhance the quality of life for all by enabling more accessible and sustainable mobility options. Our scope extends beyond traditional vehicles to encompass comprehensive mobility ecosystems, including autonomous driving, shared rides, public transport solutions, and smart-city infrastructures.

Our education model is based on a peer-to-peer learning pedagogy, developed at the 42 Network’s non-profit coding campuses. Students learn through collaboration and receive support, evaluation, and guidance from technical, expert, and pedagogical staff. Students also have the opportunity to work in teams that evolve with each new project, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of their chosen area of focus.

Who We Are and Who You Are

We are a dynamic community dedicated to advancing the future of mobility, consisting of innovative educators, industry and science experts, and mobility advocates from social sciences. Our community also benefits from partnerships with leading tech companies such as Volkswagen and Microsoft. Our goal is to create a curriculum and community that equips learners with technical skills and practical knowledge to become an integral part of the software-driven solutions that will benefit everyone.

Now what about you?

You are a student seeking job-ready skills and a comprehensive understanding of mobility. You have a passion for learning how software can shape the future of mobility and improve the world we live in. Whether you have a background in coding or software-related education, or basic coding knowledge from a mobility or automotive engineering background, you are comfortable working in teams, solving problems through projects, and thrive in a collaborative learning environment. Your eagerness to be part of a student community, share your ideas and experiences, and grow as a mobility software expert is what makes you the perfect candidate for SEA:ME.

The Future We Can Create Together

At SEA:ME, we have the unique opportunity to be at the forefront of the transformations happening in mobility and make a meaningful impact on society. By creating integrated mobility ecosystems that combine autonomous cars, public transport, shared rides, bicycles, and smart city services, we can revolutionize the way we move and use our cities. Envision a world of seamless transportation with accessible options for all, regardless of age, ability, or location. The future of mobility is unfolding before us with the rise of electric engines and software, and by becoming mobility software experts, we can harness its potential and seize the opportunities it presents.

Become a part of this future, and be empowered as a mobility software expert in just 12 months of free, unparalleled learning with SEA:ME.