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SEA:ME is an advanced curriculum in Software Development for applications in Automotive & Mobility that will take you on a 12-month journey of hands-on learning and discovery. Our cutting-edge program is packed with expert-led content, practical guidance from industry pros from companies such as Volkswagen and Microsoft, and a vibrant community of fellows, all housed in our state-of-the-art lab in the European capital of Mobility, Wolfsburg.

With a focus on sustainability and accessibility, our program is offered with the support of 42 Wolfsburg and our academic and industry partners. Whether you’re interested in exploring autonomous driving or creating smart city solutions, you’ll get to choose your own path and dive into the areas of mobility that excite you the most. 

And here’s the best part – it’s all completely free! Join our team and make a difference in the future of mobility.

our team

Pratik Prajapati

SEA:ME Curriculum Lead

Tim David Kremser

SEA:ME Project Manager

Janett Kalina

SEA:ME Mobility Consultant

Max Reinhardt

Marketing & PR Lead

Vlad Tudakov

Digital Marketing Manager

Vaness Hernandez Zambrano

SEA:ME Diversity Officer

Josef Sühr​

Partnerships Manager


Fellows are contributors from academia, industry, non-profits and think tanks. They are vital in developing the SEA:ME Curriculum and the learning and research ecosystem that we are building around mobility. They work with us on building, testing and revising the learning projects and their challenges. On mentoring students. And on exploring how software-driven mobility can enhance the lives of us all. 

Below are core fellows that have helped construct the first version of our tech curriculum. We will be adding a full library of fellows from various backgrounds shortly. 

Marilo Martin-Gasulla

Academic Fellow
Ph.D. Engineer in Civil Engineering with a major in Traffic Engineering

Nino Nikolaishvili

Industry Fellow

Operations Unit Director at Capgemini

Prof. Volker von Holt

Senior Academic Fellow
Professor at Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences

Dr. Oliver Hartkopp

Industry Fellow

Expert for Open Source Software at Volkswagen AG

Torsten Wylegala

Industry Fellow

Trainer for Software Developers at Volkswagen Academy

Dr. Silviu Homoceanu

Industry Fellow

Autonomous Driving Researcher & Expert

Dr. Sascha Saralajew

Industry Fellow

Senior Research Engineer at NEC Laboratories Europe

Mario Alberto Ortegón-Cabrera

Industry Fellow
Principal Program Manager at Microsoft

Yannick Weißflog

Industry Fellow

HMI Developer, Software Engineer

Fabian Toepel

Industry Fellow

Azure Application Innovation Specialist

Prof. Jong-Chan Kim

Academic Fellow

Professor at the Department of Automobile and IT Convergence, Kookmin University, Korea

Guido Birkenfeld

Industry Fellow
Lead IT Consultant at msg DAVID GmbH 

Dr. Fatih Tekin

Industry Fellow

Principal Software Engineer at MBition GmbH

Changhyeok Bae

Industry Fellow

Principal Software Engineer at MBition GmbH

Max Senges

SEA:ME Initiator