Specialise at Master's level in Software Engineering Automotive & Mobility Ecosystems (SEA:ME) in 1 year - for free.

Shaping the Future of mobility, together.

Applications are now open for the 2024-25 SEA:ME season! Join our student community at the Wolfsburg Mobility Lab and explore our two brand new module areas: Cybersecurity & Safety (Critical)!

SEA:ME is a cutting-edge advanced study program, developed as partnership of academic and industry experts, offered in 2023 for the first time at Software Developer College 42 Wolfsburg. It trains specialists in Code-driven Mobility, Autonomous Mobility, and the future Mobility Ecosystems. With expert-led content and practical guidance, you'll embark on a 12-month journey of hands-on peer-to-peer learning, all entirely for free!

Learn the skills that will power the vehicles of tomorrow.

The vehicle of the future will listen to you, talk to you, know your favourite routes, music, and temperature settings. It will make sure you are driving safely, comfortably, and sustainably. It will be in constant communication with apps, maps, sensors, and mobility platforms. The vehicle of the future will be running on code. 

We are training the software developers who will write that code. With the support of experts from companies such as Volkswagen and Microsoft, as well as academics from institutions such as University of Bonn, Ostfalia, TU Berlin, TU Munich, we have developed a Master’s-level tuition-free program for coders who wish to become automotive & mobility software experts. 


Master the latest tools and technologies and build innovative solutions in our state-of-the-art lab in Wolfsburg.


No professors, no lectures. We believe that (tech) education works best when students teach and learn from each other.


Tackle real-world problems and challenges and work on advanced projects, developed by leading academic & industry experts.


The SEA:ME curriculum is split into 3 anchor modules: Distributed and Embedded Systems, Autonomous Driving Systems and Mobility Ecosystems

Our second SEA:ME cohort begins in July 2024!

Gain expertise in the latest technologies and industry trends, and develop the skills you need to succeed in the rapidly growing field of mobility. Join an international community of students, educators and industry professionals, and take your place at the forefront of innovation in automotive software engineering.

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